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The Traas family moved from The Netherlands to Ireland in the late 1960's to grow fruit. The Traas family had been growing fruit in Holland since the 1800's, but because it was difficult to find new land there for fruit-growing, Willem and Ali decided to make a move to Ireland. They looked at a number of farms, and decided on the one where The Apple Farm is now situated, between Cahir and Clonmel on the main Limerick-Waterford road. There was an old orchard on the farm, and they judged by the good crop they saw on these trees, that apples could be grown in this area. For the first few years, as well as establishing new apple and plum orchards, the family grew tulips, dried peas, grain crops and strawberries.
Because there was no structure to enable them to sell their fruit locally, they opened a shop at the farm in the early 1970's. It is the same barn that they use to this day to sell most of what they produce from 40 acres of fruit.
These days the produce on sale is quite diverse. 60 varieties of apples are grown on the farm, and about 15 types are available in the farm shop depending on when they ripen. Four varieties of strawberries, three of raspberry, four of cherry, three types of plums, and two pears compliment the range in the farm shop, again depending on when they ripen. Some of the strawberries are available as pick-your-own in the middle of summer.
In addition, a range of juices have been made on the farm since 1995. There is apple juice, mixtures including strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant juices, and some sensational sparkling juices also. These are all made using fruits grown right there.
 Fruits from the farm are also used to make jams, jelly and cider vinegar.

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