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Apple Juice
The Apple Farm apple juice is made from apples grown on our farm near Cahir, Co. Tipperary. It is balanced in flavour, with both sweetness and sharpness notable, and has a wonderful apple aroma, almost reminiscent of pears, due to the particular flavour imparted by the Karmijn de Sonnaville apple.
Ingredients: Apples, Vitamin C

Apple and Strawberry Juice
This is made using apples and strawberries grown on our farm near Cahir. It is sweetly flavoured, with less sharpness than the pure apple juice. The strawberry flavour makes it especially popular with children who like strawberries.
Ingredients: Apples, Strawberries, Vitamin C

Apple and Raspberry Juice
This is again made using fruit grown on our own farm near Cahir. It has a strong raspberry flavour, and a good balance between sweetness and acidity. For those who like raspberries, the taste of this juice will be almost as good as eating some fruit direct from the canes.
Ingredients: Apples, Raspberries, Vitamin C

Apple and Blackcurrant Juice
This juice is made using our apples, and blackcurrants grown by Simon and Tina Mosse in nearby Callan, Co. Kilkenny. The juice has a dramatic blackcurrant flavour, like a really good cordial, and is thoroughly refreshing. Unlike the cordial, there are no added sugars or artificial preservatives making this a really healthy alternative. This juice is sharper to the taste than the others, but still very popular among adults and children alike.
Ingredients: Apples, Blackcurrants, Vitamin C

Sparkling Apple Juice
Our sparkling apple juice is made just like our regular apple juice, using the best of apples and the simplest of methods to make a pure fruit juice. Then we add fizz, using a carbonation stone. The result is a pure apple juice with bubbles; a delicious and healthy sparkling drink. It's so good it won a silver and was judged to be the best non-alcoholic drink in the Irish food awards.
Ingredients: Apples, (or Apples and Blackcurrants), Vitamin C, CO2

Mulled Juices
As wintertime approaches each year we start to think of warming drinks. And so we begin making some mulled juices. We begin with a base of our apple or apple & blackcurrant juices, and add some cloves, cinnamon, ginger and a few secret ingredients to make both a light coloured mulled juice (apple), or a dark red (apple and blackcurrant) version. Alcohol free naturally.

Lemony Lemonade
To make lemonade really lemony, we use more lemons. Cornelius’s Lemony lemonade gets all its acidity from the lemons, and none from any added ingredients. Then we take our lemony lemonade, add a few cranberries, and presto, we have pink lemonade too, with just a little more bitterness. But these are delicious drinks, with a great balance of sweetness and sharpness, sparkling and refreshing.
Ingredients: Lemon juice, water, sugar, (cranberry for the pink one), CO2

Unpasteurised Cider Vinegar
This cider vinegar is made over a period of two to three years, utilizing a slow fermentation process that converts the apple juice first to cider, and then on to vinegar. Unpasteurised cider vinegar has for many years been hailed as a miracle cure, either because of its natural acidity, or the bacterial cultures present in it, which effect the conversion of the cider to vinegar.
The flavour of this cider vinegar is sharply acidic, without being too sharp. It also retains a distinctly rounded apple characteristic, which we attribute to the gentle conversion process that we use in its making.
If you purchase this cider vinegar, you may find a "mother" forming on the surface of, or floating within the vinegar. This is a layer of cellulose produced by the bacteria, and indicates a healthy level of bacteria in the vinegar. If you wish to stimulate its growth, remove the cap of the bottle, so that the vinegar is exposed to plenty of air.

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