Rock Of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is one of Ireland's leading tourist attractions. It is a collection of medieval buildings situated on a large outcrop of limestone rock. It dominates the skyline as one approaches the town of Cashel.

 The site, being an ideal location for fortified buildings, was first built upon in the fifth century. It became the seat of the Kings of Munster and is said to have been visited by St. Patrick. Brian Boru, the most famous of the Munster Kings was crowned here in 977.

 In 1101 the building was handed over to the church and it became a major ecclesiastical centre. In 1647 the Rock was besieged by Cromwellian forces and this began the decline of the centre with the Bishop of Cashel eventually moving to Thurles in 1774.

 The main buildings on the site are:

A Cathedral built in the 13th century, now in ruins,
 Cormack's Chapel, a Romanesque building from the 12th century,
 A 92ft high Round Tower from around the same time,
 A 15th century castle,
 And the Hall of the Vicars Choral which has been recently restored.

Rock Of Cashel
Map of local attractions.

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