Sparkling Apple Juice

Sparkling Apple JuiceOur sparkling apple juice is so different that we had to call it by another name. So instead of Karmine, we are calling it "The Apple Farm of Tipperary" Sparkling Apple Juice. This is a premium apple juice, made from premium apples, but once the juice is pressed, we treat it a bit differently. Instead of immediately bottling, we carbonate the juice by adding fizz. This is done using carbon dioxide gas, which is pumped into the juice in a special vessel. The juice is then cold-filled into our flip-top bottles, pasteurised, and labelled.
 As a result what you get is a pure but cloudy apple juice, which is just like our normal juice, except that it is fizzy instead. To our knowledge we are the only apple grower in the World who is making a cloudy sparkling apple juice.
 The next time you feel like having a fizzy drink, remember that you don't need to have a sugar-filled concoction of flavourings, preservatives and water. You can have a pure alternative, a simple sparkling apple juice - pure magic.